Need a performing engineering team?

iColdo provides up to 8 experienced engineers ready to hit the ground running.

Need a performing engineering team?

Skip onboarding

Rapid start with a pre-set team within 2-4 days

Focus on outcomes

First working code in production within 4-6 weeks

High-performance oriented dedicated teams

High-performing, Independent Teams

We assemble dedicated squads focused on delivering your software projects. Each team operates autonomously, prioritizing business objectives and taking ownership of the outcome.

Fast Start-Up

Get going in just 2-4 days. Forget lengthy candidate screening and interviewing - we'll connect you with a unified team ready to hit the ground running.

Streamlined Setup

Onboard quickly with pre-built templates and automation tools for environment set-up. We minimize delays so you can focus on what matters.

Adaptable Workforce

Your needs are ever-changing, and so is your iColdo team. We scale our resources up or down to perfectly match your project requirements.

Rapid Visibility

See concrete results every 2 weeks. We deliver the first working code to production within 4-6 weeks, with regular demos showcasing progress throughout the sprint cycle.

Focus on Efficiency

We eliminate wasted code. We measure and optimize results in production to ensure every line delivers value, with a zero-tolerance policy for redundancy.