Dedicated Software Development Teams

Short on talent? We've got you covered!

Dedicated Software Development Teams

Struggling to find the right skilled professionals for your project?

Boost your engineering team instantly with iColdo' proven IT experts. Our staff augmentation services provide you with the flexibility to scale your team up or down as project needs evolve. Build the perfect development team with expertise tailored to your specific business requirements. Get started quickly and focus on what matters most – achieving your project goals.

Get Started Fast, Scale Effortlessly

With iColdo, you're up and running in just 72 hours. Our team scales seamlessly to fit your project's needs, so you only pay for the resources you use.

High-Performance Teams, Proven Results

Benefit from dedicated, self-managed teams of certified software developers, QA engineers, and project managers. They focus on your goals and deliver exceptional results.

Long-Term Partnership, Lasting Success

Our 98% retention rate speaks for itself. We're committed to building a strong, long-term partnership with you and becoming a strategic asset to your business.

Adaptable Workforce

Your needs are ever-changing, and so is your iColdo team. We scale our resources up or down to perfectly match your project requirements.

Deep Expertise, Enhanced Capabilities

Expand your team's skillset and build a robust internal knowledge base with iColdo's experienced professionals.

Global Reach, Local Focus

We provide dedicated development teams across multiple time zones, ensuring uninterrupted progress. With headquarters in Iasi, Romania, and branch offices in Italy, we offer a global presence with a personalized touch.